The Regatta 2014

The Curacao Sailing Festival takes pleasure in inviting you to compete in the sixth Heineken

Regatta Curacao, June 20, 21 and 22, 2014.  Three days of racing for the racing class and two days for the other classes.


Registration will be at the Regatta office on Keukenplein, Punda on Thursday, June 19th. 2014, from 12 am till 07 pm.


Friday June 20th, 2014: the Commodores Cup for the Racing class only and the Spanish Water to Annabaai Feeder Race for all yacht classes will be sailed..
Saturday, June 21, 2014:  2 races are scheduled for yachts, 3 races for beach cats and 4 for the sailboards..
Sunday, June 22, 2014: 2 races are scheduled for yachts, 3 for beach cats and 4 for the sailboards.

The race courses will be on the waters south of the island of Curacao. There will be different length courses for the different classes.

More details in te Notice of Race (NOR)

For further information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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