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General Information


About Curacao
Curacao is located in the southwestern Caribbean, at latitude 12'north and longitude 68' west. The island is just 60 KM (35miles) north of South America. It is about 2.5 hours by plane from Miami. Curacao is a very attractive island, not only just because it is in the Caribbean and part of the Netherlands or because of the climate but also because of the culture, unique architecture and unspoiled nature. The island has strategic connections with the United States, Europe and South America, both by air and sea.

Curacao is an island with over 55 different nationalities each with its own history, music and cuisine. The official language is Dutch since Curacao is part of the Dutch Kingdom but the spoken language is Papiamento, a beautiful Creole language. The Antillean guilder is the national currency and is pegged to the US Dollar US $ 1,- = NAF 1,75 but US $ are accepted everywhere.

Willemstad is the historic capital city of Curacao with its typical seventeenth century colorful houses, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is in the center of Willemstad where the Heineken Regatta Curacao will take place.

Climate is ideal for sailing on Curacao
The island is the whole year round warm with a sunny climate and the island is located outside the hurricane belt. The average climate is around 27° C. Refreshing trade winds always blow from the east. The position of the island and the constant wind makes sailing in open sea quite a challenge. The start and finish of the Heineken Regatta Curacao is in the Annabaai the spectacular entrance to our natural harbor, right in the city center.


Beaches and underwater world
Curacao has around thirty public and private sandy beaches. All the beaches consist of all kind of activities from water sports to beach games. These beaches are situated along the southwestern coast. This coast gives divers and snorkelers an excellent view of the underwater life in calm and crystal clear water. The underwater world consists of colorful tropical fish and beautiful colonies of coral.


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